James Joyce & Microsoft Corps. Collaboration

What follows are three poems written in collaboration with James Joyce and the Microsoft Corporation.
Mr. Joyce supplied the original text in the form of his 1939 novel Finnegans Wake. Microsoft Word provided a translation of the text into Standard English via the “spell check” function. Every word and phrase that Microsoft deemed incorrect or flawed was changed accordingly.  And then I made them into little poems.

Sand gloried

Sand gloried, Saved,
my arms appealed with sparks,
What chances culled,
What crashes aired?
And ventilated!
What induces by what solvers
of true feeling, with strewn voices

Bound rock

Bound rock swim the lavish long nights,
the tell-tale dappling nights
of bluer bells.
Her clit-a-flute, that tricky trachea,
wakes him.
Emerging scholars patterned jackboots
about them all, with ins
as well as outs.

Burning Bush

Next to nothing and deescalating,
The hymnals (with all the hierarchies):
Tits-of-the-official, with burning bush
“The Abbot’s off his bauble top…” they said,
as clattered landings upped
and tumbled buckets of clutter downed.